Our Services

Global Reach Associates is also able to offer more when it comes to your business.

Not only do we focus on funding applications but we also provide:

  • Business strategy & planning
  • International market development planning
  • Project identification and bid proposal support
  • Writing proposals for bids and tender
  • Commercial connection opportunities from our existing network to help you grow your business.

Comments from a few of our clients:

You can visit their websites by clicking on the company name.

Evan Bayly, Director, Expert Developments Ltd (www.expert.services)

Over the last 4 years Graeme has proved a great help in taking the pain out of preparing our successful new product and export market development funding assistance applications.

Richard Sharpe, Technical Director Earthquake Engineering, Beca (www.beca.com)

For nearly 10 years, Graeme's boundless enthusiasm, facilitation and support for our business clusters and our international opportunities has kept us going to achieve success when we could have easily given up in the tough international markets of Turkey, Romania, Iran, India, the Pacific and Indonesia. His diverse and long experience of networking with many government, political and commercial organisations and his knowledge of their systems has given us access to political and financial support which make all the difference to our endeavours. He is part of our team.

Steve La Hood, Director, Story Inc (www.storyinc.co.nz)

Graeme has been instrumental in helping Story Inc access market development and new product funding assistance. His practical and enthusiastic efforts have helped us to establish a growing reputation for delivering visitor experiences for museums and tourism visitor centres in the world market, particularly in Asia and the Middle East.

Dr Bill Robinson (Deceased), Founder, Robinson Seismic Ltd. (www.rslnz.com)

Graeme’s support and enthusiasm for our company have been invaluable to us over the years. His knowledge of funding applications has assisted us to access funds we would otherwise not have, and this has been significant in growing our company from a small R&D company to a major manufacturer in the world seismic isolation market. He continues to promote our company at every opportunity and we consider him to be an integral partner with our company.


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